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Student | Space is leading provider of student information systems focusing on Student Tracking, Retention and Early Intervention Solutions.


Ohio House of Representation 2004

The University of Rio Grande was instrumental in gaining the attention of Representative Clyde Evans (House of Representatives-Ohio) who awarded a Certificate of Recognition to

Student|Space for excellence and outstanding service.

Global Virtual Conference in Business Intelligence 2016

Business intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process within a corporation. These BI systems allow a company to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making.

CSR- Join Our CSR Efforts

Transforming the lives of children & youth living in urban poverty through better health and skill development with a focus on ethical employment.Established in 2007 by as CSR Initiative of

Student | Space Inc., USA. A global foundation supporting programs in the United States, India and Puerto Rico.

Student|Space technology solutions

Designed specifically to meet the needs of higher education, our software and services help students, staff, and faculty achieve their goals.


Admissions and Register

Enroll more best-fit students and make it easy for them to do everything they need—like register for courses.

Student Information Systems

The reasons we are the leading provider of ERP systems: rich functionality, higher education expertise.

Student Success

With so much resting on graduation rates, make sure you are doing all you can to help students stay in school.



Workforce Development

Provide convenient tools to help students develop the skills to support their personal or professional growth.


Study results and set trends, make smarter decisions, and design strategies that give you a competitive edge.

Mobile and Portal

The new world rests in the palm of your hand. Deliver the user experience your community expects.



Human Resources and Finance

Make your vital administrative operations run like a well-oiled machine.


Build relationships that encourage giving and create fundraising campaigns that inspire generosity.

IT and Security

Connect information, make it easy to access and use, and keep it safe.


  • 1998

    Formation of Company with vision to help higher educated by making them employable

  • 1999

    Started working with US Department of Education Projects - title V / title III to help at risk students succeed

  • 2000

    Launch of Student | Space 2000 (Flagship product suite)

  • 2001

    Student | Space launched Student Tracking and Retention System

  • 2002

    From New Mexico, Ohio to Alaska Clients uses to assist At -Risk cohorts from dropping out of colleges and staying in schools

  • 2003

    University of Rio Grande expands its Student Tracking System to a Multi Campus wise Campus 360 Portal

  • 2004

    Ohio House of Representative gives award

  • 2005

    Student Track Conferences launched to be held every year in various cities in USA

  • 2006

    Over 100 middle schools use

    Student | Space for their tracking and reporting; over 10,000 At - Risk students impact. .

  • 2007

    Student | Space launches its products in India and Puerto Rico

  • 2013

    Educational Intelligence Conference in Chandigarh

  • 2014

    Launch of BiTeS academy in India.

  • 2015

    Launch of Center of Excellence in Mohali