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About Us
StudentSpace, an innovative software company which provides

Student Tracking, Retention and Early Intervention Solutions for at-risk students. StudentSpace has successfully implemented the solutions for over 250 institutions and has served above 250000 students since 1998.    

We are the first company to design and deploy an intelligent education system online in Northern New Mexico College in 1998 with a user-friendly point and click interface. StudentSpace was also a pioneer in promoting competency-based learning. Our student tracking system is designed to track student cohorts, demographics, enrollment, academic goals, admission, multiple education plan, degree audit, attendance, and hence generates dashboards and powerful reports. Student Tracking in and of itself is of minimum use. Thus, the real purpose of student tracking is to help institutions use their resources to create an environment for student support, increase retention, college completion and overall student success. The system intelligently tracks academic goals and helps students make multiple education plans to meet these goals.

In 1999-2000, we implemented competency-based learning in Santa Fe Community college under the leadership of the Dean of education Dr. Francis Levine. The Competency Audits were provided to the student, faculty, program directors, even employers; this was and is still considered revolutionary in the field of assessment. In 2004, StudentSpace  was awarded by “Ohio House of Representatives” for providing the highest quality of education-related software and implementing a financial aid management system for the University of Rio Grande.

StudentSpace’s "student success solutions" help institutions measure student achievement through competency based-learning at various institutional (course, program and department) levels and result in higher levels of student learning and increased employability. The predictive analytics module uses the latest algorithms to build a comprehensive dashboard to predict the trends of enrollment, retention, and related budgeting implications for key stakeholders. StudentSpace  helped SUAGM University to get Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation by using the ASL (Assessment of Student Learning) module and report system. Over a period of 5 years, SUAGM University saved approximately a million dollars.

With student engagement as a key factor contributing to the holistic strategy for retention and intervention of at-risk students, our services provide a support system that will positively impact student learning outcomes. Our Early Alert module analyses the student’s information such as low attendance, missing or incomplete assignments, poor test grades, disruptive behaviour, and raise alerts accordingly to the student’s advisors and counsellors.

In the “Assessment of Student Learning” module; the student is assessed, based upon skills or competency level within a course. Our ASL services have helped universities and colleges getting accreditation from national accreditation agencies like SACS. Lastly, our reports and data analytics provides customized, interactive, accurate, user-friendly reports on every level which helps the higher education institutions in analysing student outcomes, decision making for future student learning, and achieving institutional goals.

StudentSpace Global Services

Beyond its suite of products, StudentSpace global services offer SQL database Auditing, Data Integration, Data management, and SQL Reporting Services. Our team of consultants is well experienced in working with universities and colleges that have implemented large ERP systems and other related educational software products.

With StudentSpace, track, retain, and help your students achieve their full potential and succeed. In an increasingly competitive world.

Company Overview

StudentSpace is a software service-providing company that specializes in student tracking and retention software for universities and colleges in the USA. The company started in 1998 and has served over 250 institutions.  At StudentSpace, our main goal is to help the universities and colleges achieve the highest retention and graduation rates.

StudentSpace’s products are based on research done in partnership with the US Department of Education and social institutions supporting social causes. Our software helps measure the success of all university efforts; and helps universities get accreditation by improving students’ success and learning outcomes. 

Why Choose Us? ​​

For colleges and institutions whose enrollment is between 1 to 5000 should or definitely should explore seriously the possibility of working with StudentSpace. Since the product from day 1, has evolved from the smaller institution, high touch workflows. Also, in this segment of higher education, budgets are smaller and the IT team is often quite limited in numbers. Therefore, a company which is student centric, extremely generous and cost effective and also willing to share the source code is a good choice for such campuses. Within the obvious constraints of this segment of institutions, buying an expensive software from large enterprises is often counterproductive. The main reason for this is that no matter what these large commercial corporations say, for them colleges in this segment are the smaller clients while for StudentSpace, these smaller institutions and their at-risk students are major customers to support and service.

What Separates Us From Our Competitors? What Makes Us Unique From Them?

StudentSpace is a leading provider of student information systems focusing on Student Tracking, Retention and Early Intervention Solutions with over 20 years of experience. Our leaders/senior management are industry pioneers in tracking at-risk students, student learning and outcomes. They have a combined experience of 120+ years in this field. 

How StudentSpace is Unique?

In 2004, StudentSpace was awarded by “Ohio House of Representatives” for providing the highest quality of software for Ohio state educational Institutions.

StudentSpace has helped implement a financial aid management information system for many universities across the globe. StudentSpace’s innovative software technologies have helped various universities and colleges save their accreditation.

It was the first student tracking system with in-built educational intelligence. The only product not only named StudentSpace but focuses on the student and keeps him at the centre for ensuring student’s success.

It has powerful dashboards using EI (Educational Intelligence) so the management can see the reports they need to see and take timely decisions.

Our Values

"Quality Comes First" Since my childhood education has been a passion for me. I am very thankful to Almighty for giving me an opportunity to serve as a Professor, Researcher and as a Co-founder of educational technology related company in USA. He has also blessed me to plan myself in Computer Vision and Pattern recognition under the White Sands Missile Range NASA projects. He made me to contribute in the society as a Mathematics, as an Entrepreneur and as a Co-founder of StudentSpace - the ERP and Education Intelligence a USA based Company."

-Prof. S.N.S. Nagra
President Asia Pacific, StudentSpace, USA


"We Aim for the Top" A global corporation enriching lives and enabling business transformation for our customers, with leadership in chosen technologies and markets. Be the first choice for employees and partners, with commitment to sustain ability.


"Innovation in the Field of Software Development" StudentSpace mission is to bring software innovation in education to the common users desktop, to give power to the non-technical educator to see and use data in a way that is easy to understand and see - for it is these tiny bits of data, if viewed correctly in a timely fashion, prevent minds of students from being under-utilized or going to waste."

Areas of Expertise







Prof. S.N.S Nagra

Prof. Sarab N. S. Nagra has been
involved in education in various roles
— as a Researcher and as
Co-founder of educational
technology-related cornpanies. He
has worked in Computer...

Dr. Stephen Cox

Dr. Stephen Cox is the Management
Information Systems Director and
Institutional Researcher the
University of Rio Grande and Rio
Grande Community College in Rio
Grande, Ohio. He holds a....

Dr. Frances Levine

Dr. Frances Levine has been Director
of the New Mexico History Museum
since 2002, and oversaw the
developrnent and construction of thenewest museum in the Museum ofNew Mexico.....

Mr. Deep Bhangoo

Mr. Bhanpo has over 20 years
of experience in Information and
Communication Technologies with
in Educational Technologies,
managernent, System and Business

  • StudentSpace foundation in USA offers its services to low-income families to reach students with the least access to educational resources and helps students of various colours realize their potential through various partnerships in New Mexico and California.

  • We have been providing free access to our sophisticated tools to underprivileged and fund-lacking schools so their children could be on a level playing field. Our tools include providing a safety net so kids are given a second chance in this highly competitive world.

  • Transforming the lives of children & youth living in urban poverty through better health and skill development with a focus on ethical employment.


StudentSpace, USA and Nihal Technology Group, India in collaboration with Punjab Technical University organized the First-Ever Educational Intelligence Conference in India on 24th and 25th October, 2013 in ‘THE CITY BEAUTIFULL’ Chandigarh. StudentSpace has been involved in organizing Successful Conferences in North America from 2004 to 2008. These conferences were highly acknowledged by the Educationists across North America.

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