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Timothy Leadership Training

Who is TLT?

In many countries around the world, the Christian church is growing rapidly, often in places of economic need and political restrictions. It is common for pastors and other church leaders to be appointed with little or no training. Recognizing the need an international team of educators came together to address this challenge. Over the next two decades, the team designed, field-tested and continually revised what is today Timothy Leadership Training (TLT).

The challenges faced by TLT

As the number of trained Pastors and Leaders increased exponentially over different countries in the world, TLT felt a requirement of a platform where they can


  • Analyze, Measure and Monitor the impact of the programs run by various organizations associated with TLT.

  • Track and Report the number of trainees and the modules they have completed under specific organizations in all the countries where TLT is functional.

  • Track and Report the number of training given in each module, by trained pastors.

  • Track and Report the status of multiple Area Training Centers (ATC’s) in each country.

  • Generate interactive dashboard which provides a holistic view of all the aspects of TLT and its associated organization.

TLT collaborates with StudentSpace 

In 2015, TLT director Dr. Steve Tuk approached StudentSpace with a dream of a tool that can analyze, measure, and monitor the impact of the programs started by TLT and its associated organizations. Prof. S.N.S. Nagra suggested the perfect solution to all their problems i.e StudentSpace’s Impact 360.

Impact 360 is specially designed for organizations that are interested in measuring the social impact of their programs. It’s fully customizable software with interactive reports and dashboards at a very nominal price.

The Impact of StudentSpace

TLT got a web-based, cost-effective, scalable software solution with an interactive Dashboard and reporting module. They can analyse the data in an accurate manner and suggest corrective measures where ever necessary. TLT can monitor the real time progress of their programs in each center(ATC) around the world and measure the impact of every single program on the trainees.

The TLT team in the field is now able to enter trainees and training data from any part of the world and update the organizations instantaneously.

With the help of our software, TLT leaders can readily make the content available to each group of trainees according to their language and region. 

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