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StudentSpace Products

StudentSpace supports the business processes of an entire institution: strategic enrolment management, institutional advancement, teaching and learning, performance and operational management, and strategic planning.​

  • We provide well-designed, scalable software solutions so that your college can focus on its core missions to assess, teach, retain, and keep track of students. ​

  • Our software, with its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, lets your staff and faculty collect and view common data from all areas of the college from anywhere at any time.

StudentSpace Success Solutions

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Full Circle Tracking

Our Full Circle Tracking system is designed to track student cohorts, demographics, enrollment, academic goals, admission, multiple education plan, degree audit, attendance and hence generates dashboards and powerful reports. Student Tracking in and of itself is of minimum use...

  • Track critical student information individually and in various cohorts. Help students track their progress.

ASL – Assessment of Student learning

ASL (Assessment of Student Learning) is a way to document student achievement beyond the simple traditional way of giving students grades and has helped universities and colleges get accreditation from national accreditation agencies like SACS.

ASL helps in-

  • Document student achievement.

  • Generates the data related to student learning.

SchoolView 2020

SchoolView 2020 is a powerful data mart and intelligent, easy-to-use, reporting and forecasting tool. Education Analytics solution built on Power BI can help academic institutions by giving them greater visibility and accessibility of their data in a simple and effective manner.

  • This can help you to generate valuable insights using an easy to use application.

  • To track student's performance in an easy and efficient way.

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