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People Behind the Success of StudentSpace

Since 2000 these educators and education technology thought leaders have guided the core spirit of the company, many of them in a complimentary capacity- their only belief being that StudentSpace was a student-centric enterprise; a company with an innovative pulse– a pulse beating for the success of the students!  Hence even the name: StudentSpace.


Unfortunately, cost and the implementation of traditional software add more work and completely take attention from what matters, and many institutions lose their key focus and are stuck in roles being frustrated techies. This team understands that a vendor and a solution should be effective, inexpensive, and easy to implement.

Prof. S.N.S Nagra

Prof. Sarab N. S. Nagra has been
involved in education in various roles
— as a Researcher and as
Co-founder of educational
technology-related cornpanies. He
has worked in Computer...

Dr. Stephen Cox

Dr. Stephen Cox is the Management
Information Systems Director and
Institutional Researcher the
University of Rio Grande and Rio
Grande Community College in Rio
Grande, Ohio. He holds a....

Dr. Frances Levine

Dr. Frances Levine has been Director of the New Mexico History Museum since 2002, and oversaw the
developrnent and construction of the newest museum in the Museum of New Mexico.....

Mr. Deep Bhangoo

Mr. Bhanpo has over 20 years
of experience in Information and
Communication Technologies with
in Educational 
managernent, System and Business

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