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Explore the Magic of Data Storytelling  | Dashboard Playground.

Student data insights: Graduates, freshmen, dropouts, continuing students, admission % by program, dropout reasons.

Playground Page Tutorial:

  1. Arrive on Playground Page: See buttons with report names.

  2. Choose a Report: Click on a report name, like "Admission Dashboard."

  3. Explore Data: Interact with graphs, charts, and tables.

  4. Switch Reports: Click on another report button, e.g., "Retention Rates."

  5. Interact with Insights: Hover or click on data points for details.

  6. Customize Views: Use filters to focus on specific data.

🎓 Admission Dashboard Overview 📊

Dive into student admission data insights with our student admission dashboard

Data Included: Graduates, freshmen, dropouts, continuing students, student admission percentage by program, and dropout reasons.


  • Bar Graph: Counts over nine years for graduates, freshmen, dropouts, and continuing students.

  • Pie Chart:  Student admission percentage in each program.

  • Line Graph: Dropout percentage in specific programs.

  • Shaded Graph: Reasons for student dropouts (Tuition Cost, Personal, Failing Grade, Academic Inadequacy) over time.

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