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University of Rio Grande (URG)

Who is the University of Rio Grande (URG) and Rio Grande Community College (RGCC)?

The University of Rio Grande (URG), established in 1876, is an independent four-year, comprehensive university that offers programs ranging from certificates through the master’s degree level. Rio Grande Community College (RGCC), established in 1974, offers a wide range of services, including career programs, associate degree transfer programs, and continuing education programs.
The Rio Grande campus is an oasis of learning, innovation, and technology in the region. The institution’s strengths lie in a faculty of teacher/scholars who are dedicated to both the academic and humanistic growth of every student; programs that are academically challenging and numerous opportunities for extracurricular involvement. As America’s unique private/public institution of higher education, Rio Grande’s mission is to provide learners the opportunity to attain a high-quality, high-value education.

The challenges faced by URG and RGCC

University of Rio Grande faced the following challenges

  • To implement a Financial Aid Management System

  • To increase the enrollment rates by accurately monitoring the “application to enrollment” process.

  • To plan and track student performance through the success achieved by the student in their educational goals.

  • Increase retention and graduation rates with the help of the early alert system.

  • Interactive Report module for generating high-level reports.

  • Online portal where students can manage their education plan and pay their tuition fee after implementation of financial aid approved to them.

How StudentSpace helped University of Rio Grande (URG) to overcome their challenges

StudentSpace helped the University of Rio Grande by providing the following services that resolved most of their challenges.

StudentSpace implementeda Financial Aid Management Information System for the University of Rio Grande in 2003 and was awarded by "OHIO HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES" for this achievement.

Student Tracking- Our student tracking system is designed to track student cohorts, demographics, enrolment, academic goals, admission, education plan, degree audit, attendance, generate dashboards and powerful reports.

Early Alert- Early Alert module allows the administrator, faculty, advisor, counselor, retention coordinator, faculty, Lab specialist, Director Learning Zone and Director access to a student’s education records for the purpose of making a timely intervention possible. Early Alert facilitated timely communication between administrators, faculty, and advisors in order to help students succeed.

Report Services- Our reporting system helps the higher management to get the reports generated for all the modules which therefore helps them to achieve their institutional goals and also it helps in getting the grants in their favor.

The Impact of StudentSpace 

After the successful implementation of competency-based learning in Santa Fe Community College, StudentSpace helped implement a Financial Aid management information system for the University of Rio Grande. This was a big success for University of Rio Grande as it helped in overcoming their challenge of retention and graduation rates. The department of institutional research appreciated StudentSpace for it’s interactive  reporting module, as they were able to generate accurate and timely reports for the state department.

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