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Workshop Title: Application Using PhoneGap

10:00am Surya World, Bapror, Rajpura, Punjab
Students : 70+

This workshop was organized by Student | Space to motivate the students and bring awareness in them about the latest technological stuff like PhoneGap, in which our expertised professional, Mr. Amritpal Singh introduced about the technology and its advantages. Also, to explain it further, he made a live application on PhoneGap for a practical exposure.

Technical Event: Making Digital Piano Using 555 Timer

11:00am Shaheed Udham Singh college of Engineering and Technology, Mohali
Students : 67

The event circuit-E-Azam was held in Shaheed Udham Singh College, Mohali during PANACHE - 2016. This event covered the electronic segment in which the candidates who participated, were asked to make a digital piano using 555 Timer. The candidates who made it the best, were rewarded by Student | Space.

Conference:Live Conference on Entrepreneurship

11:30AM-2:00PM Gurukul Vidyapeeth
Students : 200

Our corporate held a conference meet at Gurukul Vidyapeeth, Banur (Pb.), led by our respected expert Mr. Navneet Singh, who put a commendable effort in prosecuting the session, it was a two-way communication, he satisfactorily answered to the queries of the audience. Our vision for the conversation was to arise the curiosity of the audience with the evasiveness of the Topic of Concern - "Entrepreneurship"

National Level Tech-fest

09:30am-04:00pm Chandigarh university (CU)
Students : 110

We had organized a workshop on BigData/Hadoop at Chandigarh University, Gharuan(Pb.), during the National Level Tech-Fest. Our rationale behind the workshop was to familiarize the people with BigDate/Hadoop. The session was led by our expertise Mr. Vivek Namotra and Mr. Deepak Sarswat. They put forward the influence of BigData in our lives and how data analysis is done through "R" and hand-on practice on "R-Studio". Atlast, there was a QA round which was magnificently managed by Mr. Deepak Sarswat.

First Conference held at Punjab by our mentors

09:00am-04:00pm Hotel Mount View, Sector 10, Chandigarh
Audience : 150

Some of the topic covered : 1. Monitoring Faculty Competence and enhancing their effectiveness for student excellence. 2. Maintaining Quality and standards Consistent and Continuous Accreditation. 3. The Uphill task of Reporting Student Success and improving Education. 4. Ethics in Education and society.