Student | Space

Mission, Vision & Values

Welcome to Student | Space

Student | Space is a global technology and IT Enterprise. Its headquarters is in USA.

In 2004, Student | Space was awarded by “Ohio House of Representatives” for providing highest quality of software for Ohio state educational Institutions.

partners with the U.S. department of education for over decade to create student success. Since 1998, has served over 100 Education Institutions and top universities in U.S. and helped these universities to measure and monitor over 100 million dollars in grants provided by U.S. government to improve education, student retention learning, Graduation and finally employment.

Areas where Student | Space helps Institutions :

  • Student Tracking in Retention/Attrition
  • Advising Logs and student support
  • Career Advisement
  • Cohort Data Collection (Learning Communities)
  • Attrition and Persistence Reports
  • Faculty Development
  • Tracking use of Resources
  • Tutoring Modules
  • Student Success and Learner Outcomes, Portfolios, Pre/Post Testing,
    Licensors Point-and-Click Reports

People Behind The Success of Student | Space

Dr. Steve Cox

MIS Director

Rio Grande University, USA


Dr. Chuck Dull


Cuyahoga Community College


Prof. S.N.S. Nagra

President Asia Pacific

Student | Space , USA


Dr. Frances Lavine

Ex. Dean

Santa Fe Community College


Sunil Gulati

Chief Technical Advisor & Mentor

Los Angeles, USA


Our Values

"Quality Comes First"

“Since my childhood education has been a passion for me. I am very thankful to Almighty for giving me an opportunity to serve as a Professor, Researcher and as a Co-founder of educational technology related company in USA. He has also blessed me to plan myself in Computer Vision and Pattern recognition under the White Sands Missile Range NASA projects. He made me to contribute in the society as a Mathematics, as an Entrepreneur and as a Co-founder of student|space- the ERP and Education Intelligence a USA based Company."

Prof. S.N.S. Nagra


"We Aim for the Top"

A global corporation enriching lives and enabling business transformation for our customers, with leadership in chosen technologies and markets. Be the first choice for employees and partners, with commitment to sustain ability.


"Innovation in the Field of Software Development"

" Student | Space mission is to bring software innovation in education to the common users’ desktop, to give power to the non-technical educator to see and use data in a way that is easy to understand and ‘see’ - for it is these tiny bits of data, if viewed correctly in a timely fashion, prevent minds of students from being under-utilized or going to waste. "